Rwanda Portraits of Reconciliation

Glimpses of Perpetrators and Survivors

In the summer of 2013, I was in Rwanda for the first time and recall meeting with a number of individuals, organisations (governmental and non-governmental) and civil society groups that sought to bring the ‘we are all Rwandan’ reconciliation concept to fruition. Despite my deep belief that all people are one and that it is within human capacity and possibility to be united, at times I wondered if their efforts were utopian. I would think to myself, with so much pain and suffering, mistrust and evil deeds, how can they come together together in unity? Not just be forced to live side by side but to discard the divisions of their past, as though they no longer left scars?

This NY Times piece restored my faith. It shows portraits of perpetrators and survivors of the Rwandan genocide coming together in reconciliation. I am deeply moved by it. When you really think about what this means and the depths of such a struggle, it is incredibly powerful.

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